Saturday, 12 February 2011

And the point of this blog is....

In a recent interview as part of an excellent series on e-publishing, Spinetingler Mag asked me the goals of this blog. I replied, "Very simple: to showcase ebooks that sell and bring them to the attention of a wider audience. I love the indie spirit and as an agent I know there are an awful lot of excellent novels that are never going to find a home in traditional publishing these days."
So receiving the following message recently on a Kindle forum was extremely pleasing. I've asked permission to post it here.
Allan, following a link on your profile I have downloaded and am reading Crack-Up by Eric Christopherson.

This is fantastic and I cannot believe I am reading a book of such quality for a few pence. It is going to be up there with one of the best books I have ever read over a great number of years. It's great of you to promote the author. It always amazes me that a book of this quality is not sold or distributed in the normal way via bookshops and writing material of this quality deserves to be showcased.

Thanks, sir!


  1. Woohoo! Many people have enjoyed Crack-Up and Eric deserves his success.

  2. Wow. I've met enough Brits online by now to know I'm "chuffed," though unsure what the translation would be in American English.

    Thanks for posting this, Alan.