Monday, 17 January 2011

eNews: eBook Pricing

Fascinating piece: Pricing vs Revenue. "Publishers have a chance to get my money even though I have more paper books and ebooks than I can reasonably expect to read in this lifetime. They have one and only one way to blow this, when I come to look at the page and there is a price above my impulse-buy threshold for that item." More at the Evil Genius Chronicles. And a follow-up post, Chronicles of Lost eBook Sales.

And more on pricing in a recent press release from Darren Laws, the very tuned-in publisher of Caffeine Nights: "Pricing is an issue for eBooks with many publishers pricing themselves out of the market of enforcing restrictive DRM. With the cloud ready to play a bigger part in publishing in 2011, we were keen to issue a new mission statement. Turtle Island is the first of our under a dollar, under a pound range of titles and will be available in DRM free versions as well as DRM versions giving consumers the ultimate in choice and value."

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