Friday, 14 January 2011

eNews: Nora Roberts Breaks A Million and other stories

" announced Jan. 12 that best-selling romance writer Nora Roberts had become the third author to sell more than 1 million copies in electronic editions for Amazon’s Kindle e-reader." More at Star New Online

While acknowledging that "EBook sales are now climbing with the feverish intensity of a mercury thermometer measuring a scorching heat wave," Phil Guarnieri observes that, "Print on tangible paper, embraced by tightly bound covers, invests words and ideas with a certain gravity and permanence." (I read the article on a computer, so I'm afraid Mr Guarnieri's words convey no gravitas whatsoever. Still, here's the link at the Floral Park Dispatch. But be warned: it's probably gone by now, due to the transient nature of digital content).

TechCrunch asks, "First Amazon Took Down Booksellers... Are Publishers Next?"

In Germany, reports of chainstore Thalia's Oyo Reader are encouraging: "Demand for e-books has also picked up during the holiday season: driven by huge interest in the Oyo ... digital book sales skyrocketed by 200% year on year." More from The Bookseller and even more on the German eBook market at Publishing Perspectives

And finally, congratulations to Scott Neumyer, who's just signed up with Anna Webman at the Curtis Brown Agency!

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